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If you have ever longed for a place to learn, wonder, and evolve with fellow adventurers living lives of joy and self-mastery; a place to develop skills for creating more satisfying professional and personal relationships, then we cordially invite you to consider Friends Landing International Centers for Conscious Living your home away from home. Employing many of the latest developments in the various fields of human understanding, Friends Landing works with a new model of consciousness called Spherical Reality™, enabling the design of breakthrough courses in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Relationship, that eclipse previous practices.

Individuals who wish to move out of struggle, expand personal freedom, and develop truly joyful relationships; and professionals who want tools light years ahead of those currently employed by the helping and healing field, will discover their ultimate resource in Friends Landing. For individuals, couples, families and professionals on a journey of self-expansion, for those who have experienced dissatisfaction with their current circumstances, or feel they have surpassed the supportive services previously available to them, Friends Landing offers a psychological enzyme to digest past experiences and take a quantum leap into conscious self-leadership.

World Dream Camp
This year we are looking at a very special Dream Camp in Hawaii during the winter of 2002. This two week ritual event is a journey spanning the personal and collective world dream, which focuses on the importance of each individual heart.

Relationship Retreat 2001
"Love is not a mystery, It is a technology."
Join us for a very special 6-day seminar and learn to transform all your relationships into dynamic opportunities for conscious loving. Dates will be announced shortly.

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